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Get Free Coins & Chips for Pop Slots

We offer Pop Slots freebies such as free chips, coins and bonuses for the app on both Android and iOS. Claim yours now by clicking the button below.

You can only claim 5 freebies per 24 hours.

pop slots free coins, chips and bonuses

POP! Slots Free Coins And Codes

Pop! Slots by PLAYSTUDIOS INC is a mobile only game and when it was released, it was possible to enter pop slots free codes in the game screen if you needed free chips or coins. But that method was too troublesome because you have to write the whole code on your mobile manually.

But after some time PLAYSTUDIOS INC updated the method to claim free codes, now you just need to click on the links presented on LitManXP and you will get free coins. All you need to do is follow the instructions we have given here in LitManXP and you will get unlimited free coins and chips for free.

How to collect POP! Slots Free Chips

Because POP Slots is a mobile only app, if you want to collect Pop Slots free chips or coins from LitMan XP then visit our website from a mobile device i.e. from iOS or Android device.

All you need to do to claim Pop! Slots free Chips from LitManXP is click on the available links that we have presented here from your mobile devices and you will be taken to the webpage where you can select Pop Slots App and free chips notification will appear just click on Collect to avail the free unlimited Pop! Slots Chips.

General Overview & Gameplay of POP! Slots Game

Developed by Playstudios – Pop! Slots is a free to play casino game. You have to sign in from your facebook account to play this game. Facebook account is also necessary because then you will be able to synchronize all your loyalty points to every game developed by Playstudios. You can use these Loyalty points to earn real world rewards too. AS we know all of the myVEGAS games require the internet similarly POP! Slots require constant mobile network data or internet connection to run on your mobile device. We must warn you if your internet is not good it can lead to bad gaming experience. There are various slots available in the game that you can play and some tournaments in which you can participate anytime to win big.

On the main screen of POP! Slots there are various buttons and flashing lights which can be intimidating sometimes when a user first logs in to the game.

OP! Slots is made unlike other myVEGAs games because there is no VIP tier and you can’t have VIP bonuses while playing the game. That means you don’t need to earn VIP gems to maintain your VIP status in POP! Slots like other myVEGAS Games.

There are various casinos that are introduced in this game and those casinos represent some Real world Vegas Casinos. As you level up your player levels different casinos are unlocked, in each casino you can enjoy three to five games which are unlocked with your levels too.

Then there are bonus chips which you can unlock while levelling up. Level ups has many benefits such as you can maximize your bet amount every time you level up which ultimately leads to big wins or losses.

Another amazing feature of POP! Slots is Communal Bonus where you get XP, Chips or Loyalty Points as rewards. In order to avail this communal bonus you have to find a game that has more than three players. The communal bonus in the games comes in the form of a balloon or bubble which you need to catch in between the game.

You must be totally aware while playing the game so that you don’t miss catching the ballon. However there is an autopop pack which you can buy that can do the work for you. You can only earn loyalty points through this way because unlike other myVEGAS Games you can’t earn loyalty points by spinning only.

This time they made it interesting to make sure people pay attention to the game and introduce catching & popping balloons in the middle of the game.

Tips to Earn Free POP! Slots Chips

In-game currency of POP! Slots are called chips. You need chips in order to play the games which is their only purpose. There are spins in games and each spin costs a certain amount of chips which you need to have in your balance.

The game is simple, you bet chips and if you lose they are gone but if you win you get more chips to play more games and more rewards by spinning again.

Here are all the methods available right now in POP! Slots with which you can earn free POP! Slots Chips:

Daily Bonus Collection

Daily Bonus Collection is one of the main sources of chips for many players because not similar to other myVEGAS games, players are not given any VIP Gems to convert into chips.

Collect The Time Bonus

Collecting the Time bonus every two hours ensures that you have a constant supply of chips to gamble in POP! Slots because there are no VIP gems.
Daily Emails that you receive as a promotion by the game developers have links that you can click in order to get free chips.

So we suggest you check your emails every day if you want free chips to play POP! Slots. There are cases reported by players where if you don’t redeem for a few days it can lead to you getting a large amount of chips offered in mail.

Communal Balloon/Bubble Bonus

Communal bonus balloon or ‘bubble’ which you need to catch in the middle of the game can give you XP, Chips or Loyalty points as a reward. Either buy the autopop pack or pay attention while playing the game so that you can capture them. Make sure you always play a game that has three players to max the rewards.

Participate in Tournaments

Tournament Participation’s are one of the best ways to earn a huge amount of extra POP! Slots Chips. Even if you don’t win the tournament you can get loyalty points and rewards at the end of each tournament.

Strategies and Tips For POP! Slots Games

  • In order to maximize the rewards i.e communal rewards it is advised that you must sit at a game which has at least two players in it.
  • You can minimize your chip losee by lowering down your bet during the spin and keeping the normal spin speed. This will also result in more communal bubbles for rewards. You must Raise your bet if the LP reward has dropped to lower than 50 LP from each bubble drop.
  • There is a Loyalty point limit cap in POP! Slots which you must keep an eye on and shouldn’t play the game after reaching it. Usually 1000 LP mark can be achieved in about 15-20 minutes.

Chips, Experience and Loyalty Points

If you are starting to play POP! Slots you must understand about various aspects of games such as its in-game ‘currencies’ or levels that have a specific function. Lets learn about about all the aspects here:


Chips are something which is the most essential aspect in POP! Slots game and without this in-game currency you can’t join in the games and play the slots. You can earn some extra chips for free from the above given methods or by purchasing them the in-game currency for playing the mobile slot machines.

Experience (or XP)

When you spin or catch the balloons that come up while spinning the wheel in a game you earn XP. Once your XP meter in game is full you can climb on to the next level.

Loyalty Points

All myVEGAS Games have the feature of LOYALTY POINTS which simply means you can use these loyalty points in other games too or from other games to POP Slots! too. The best thing about Loyalty points is that they can be used in the real world.

What does that mean? If you are in Las Vegas you can use these Loyalty points to get free rewards such as meals, show tickets or even comped rooms. The higher your level. The more number of Loyalty Points you can stack on your account and the best thing is there is no limit to the maximum number of LP.

You may find exciting features of Pop Slots as follows

You don’t need to pay anything to play POP! Slots. You can download this game on your phone any time for free and install it right away.

his game don’t need you to attach any payment details like PayPal, credit card, Mastercard, and Visa in order to start because it doesn’t have any premium membership that needs to be activated before playing.

  • News pokies in new games – Every second in this game is amazing and real life experience of betting.
  • If you want to start the game there is no need for a deposit. VIP status in the game will be decided by how much time you spend playing this game.
  • Daily Bonuses are available which you can claim hourly too. As rewards in hourly bonuses you can get free spins and with them you can have a chance to get free POP! Slots Chips and jackpots. With this much excitement and so much rewards POP! Slots is no less than actually LAS VEGAS games.
  • Do you know the Loyal Points which you earn in POP! Slots can give you a chance to win some mega bonuses such as rewards from restaurants, entertainment venues, and Las Vegas resorts.
  • Another exciting feature that POP! Slots has is you can get branded pokies from MGM, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Bellagio, New York-New York and many more.

Only people who are adults can play this game i.e. only people above 21 years of age are allowed to play this game. It isn’t real money gambling but the experience and excitement is the same.

If your luck in POP! Slots is great, you can claim some rewards that are super awesome but don’t think, if you are good at POP! Slots you will be good in real life gambling with real money too.

Developers of this game only developed this game to give you experience of some real life gambling but other than some rewards such as Loyalty points there is nothing that you can use in real life.

So download POP! Slots on your mobile devices (Android and iOS) to have some fun and amazing time while chilling at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my Loyalty Point count syncing?

In order to sync your Loyalty Points you have to enter the POP! Slots rewards store after that it will ping the servers and ensure your LP balance is updated everywhere till date in every app you play myVEGAS games on.

For games such as myVEGAS and KONAMI Slots it is advisable that you enter a game, it will ping the servers and will update your balance. PLAYSTUDIOS INC is continuously working towards providing a better environment for players around the world so that the highest LP balance that is up to date is displayed and synced.

How do I change my avatar?

Changing your avatar isn’t currently possible in POP! Slots. That means you must select the gender of your POP! Avatar before starting the game carefully.

Why is my game freezing during free spins?

In case your game crashes when you have entered into a bonus round the best solution is force quit the app and reload it. The bonus round will be carried on and if you have won anything like free chips or rewards a message will appear on your screen. All you need to do is reenter the game and wait in the lobby of POP! Slots.

Your balance will automatically update if you have won the coins and the pop up message is just a confirmation to show you that you have won in the bonus round.

How are free spins, coins and chips calculated?

POP! Slots is a social game that’s why the free spin rounds number are shared with the players in your bank of machines. The free spin, coin and chips wins is a combination of your average bet.