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What’s House of Fun?

House of Fun is a 3D slot game developed by Playtika Ltd. Plot of the story starts with a young couple and their dog are on their way to home and their car breaks down. Now they are forced to ask for help. Surprisingly there is a building around but it looks like it is haunted one. Our players enter the building and now they have to deal with some oddball characters. Enter the world of House of Fun And enjoy slot games similar to Casinos of Las Vegas.

Are you interested in playing slot games in Las Vegas while sitting at your home? House of Fun is one such game that will provide an online experience of Slots Online of the Las Vegas Level anytime, anywhere.

Playtika Ltd. is famous for developing some of the best slot games over the internet and House of fun is no exception from that list of popular and best developed games. Playtika can be ranked as No.1 as the developer of Online social casino games that are available world wide! Best thing about House of Fun is that it is available for everyone on any device including Facebook, iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 10, and more.

So wherever you are, you can play this game. If you want to play it on Facebook just head on to its Facebook app available. You can download it on your apple device or android device and connect to thousands of players online.


Popularity of House of Fun can be guessed with its player count that has gone over 20+ million worldwide and still growing daily. The thrill you get when you play slot machines from Strip’s most renowned slots casinos on the web, Caesars, Flamingo, Rio, Harrah’s, Bally, Planet Hollywood, Horseshoe, The Mirage, MGM Grand, Bellagio, and many more. If you are ignoring the House of fun game then you are ignoring more than 100 free spins slots games waiting for you with even more 777 casino slots rewards, bonuses, and prizes!

House of game is developed by the owner of one of the finest slot games Slotomania Slots Casino and thus it has more than what the other game has plus more rewards waiting for you once you enter the game and start playing.
House of fun is continuously developing and the developers of the game are constantly updating the game with new updates.

The newest update is of Monsterpedia – in which there are 4 slots games which are linked together to take you on an epic rewarding collection journey with many exciting bonus and collection cards. What is more interesting is you can spin the wheel of fun available in game every single day to enjoy the bonus coins.

The game also regularly sends you surprises and slots games in the mailbox which you can claim in House of fun. If you are worried about spending all your house of spins don’t worry about them as LitMan XP is there for you that will provide you free spins and free coin any time you visit the website.


Another thing that you must keep in mind is to always grab your playtika rewards which were formerly known as Total rewards. These playtika rewards are available across all the Playtika games and can be used in any game. Playtika sure knows how to please it’s players with amazing rewards.

When you play a game, what is the most satisfying thing other than completing a level? It is the reward and free stuff that you get. Free stuff and a game that you love anything else?

When you use LitMan XP you get some free spins and coins that you can claim in game to get more spins for more bonuses for slot games inside House of Fun. There are in-game rewards too such as coins which you can use in order to get some free spins for hundreds of slot games available inside the game.

Moreover the app itself rewards you with a free bonus every three hours. Simple logic is the more you will play the better the prizes will be in House of Fun. Once you are addicted to this game you will play it every single day and that will easily result in your coins growing every hour. In order to gain coins in the House of Fun consistency is a must important aspect.

Don’t ever miss a giveaway opportunity, play slots daily and keep a keen eye on the social media accounts of the game, so that you stay updated with all the new things coming.

Play on Android, iOS and PC

If you play the House of fun game on computer or laptop there are some slight advantages that you can achieve when you play the game on mobile devices such as iphone or your android.

These are not the advantages that will give you more rewards but advantages of super high quality images and animations that you can see on your computer screen with a good internet connection. With a good internet connection it’s possible to easily navigate to dashboard and place bets easily.

Daily bonuses and the new games every week! And to be honest, they don’t cut your gifts. What else do you need from a slot game? Download it today and play.

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With House of fun game you can get a real slot machine experience every time you play. The bonus giveaways and slots jackpots are the ones that will make you stick to this game for a longer period of time. Waiting for what now Install House of Fun on any device that you feel suitable and start winning.

House of fun is without any doubt the best and most well popular games among the slot games available currently for users to play online worldwide. With House of fun free coins, you are going to have more chances to win than others who are not using LitMan XP to get the freebies available. So share it with your friends who are playing House of Fun so that they can enjoy the freebies available too.

How To Play House of Fun Slots

First step you need to follow in order to play House of Fun and win a large sum of cash is you need to select how much stake you wanna place. There are various factors that are considered before finalising the stake and that includes the coin size, number of active paylines you are playing across in the slot game and the money you will be betting per line.

In order to select the size of coin in the House of you have to click the wooden sign that is present in the bottom left corner of your screen. There are different variants of coin sizes that are 2p, 5p, 10p, 25p, 50p and £1.

You can click on the sizes and on screen the size of your coin will increase. After £1 it reverts back to 2p coin size. In order to maximize your win it is advisable that you play with the highest denomination in House of Fun.

Third thing you need to consider before betting in House of Fun is to select the number of paylines you will be playing across in the House of Fun. There is a ‘select Lines’ stone on your screen and there are + and – buttons with which you can determine the number of paylines. It is simple clicking the plus button will increase the number of paylines that are active and clicking minus will reduce it.

There is a catch however, in order to play in House of fun you can only play with an odd number activated. But there are exceptions of 28 and all 30.

There are some more factors to establish your stake in House of fun that is the ‘Bet Per Line’. Meaning of ‘Bet Per Line’ is the number of coins that you will be playing with on the lines that are currently activated.

The best thing about House of Fun is that you can choose upto five coins to play with per line.

In simplified terms stake per spin will be the coin size multiplied by the number of activepaylines, then multiplied by the bet per line. E.g. If you’re playing with a 5p coin size and all 30paylinesactive, with two coins per line, your total stake will be £3.

How To Win in House of Fun

Once you have downloaded and installed the game and get a hang of the basics of the game. Now the question arises how to win big while playing House of Fun. In order to win in slots in House of fun, there are a variety of symbols which you will need to land for the payout.

In order to get that cash which they promise from the slot you have to land at least two or three symbols in a combination. And the prize will be decided by the rarity of that symbol.

In the game House of Fun there are some symbols which if comes two will be able to deliver you a good payout. Other than those high level symbols there are some low level symbols which need a minimum of three combinations to provide a payout.

As you will land more symbols in a combination that automatically means you will get a higher payout compared to low symbol combination. But in House of Fun it is highly likely you will land two symbol combinations very frequently.

Activepayline is the place where the symbols land and cash is rewarded when a combination of symbols is landed consecutively on the reels from left to right. This simply means that your first symbol must be in combination with the furthest one on the left.

There are bonus symbols too in House of fun that you can land on the activepayline which will result in some amazing cash payouts. These special bonus symbols in House of fun slot games have special features that give you a good chance to get out with great cash and more!

Bonus Features of House of Fun

House of Fun has three special bonus rounds that can be triggered if you land a combination of relevant symbols while playing the game. Once these symbols will land in the correct places on reel your chances to earn better prices will increase in the bonus rounds.

Jack Free Spins Feature

First bonus round is Jack Free Spins which is triggered when three or more mystery box symbols are anywhere on the reels. This will result in free spins and centre reel turns wild for the duration of the round.

Mad Click Me Feature

Second Bonus round that can be triggered is Mad Click Me. One of the male caricature symbols is that one that is responsible to trigger this one. If you land three or more acrosspaylinesone, two or three, the round will be launched.

In this round all you have to do is keep clicking the objects that come on the screen until you finally hit ‘Collect’.

Escape Bonus Round

When three or more door knocker symbols are landed this feature will be triggered.